As a lifelong cat lover, I take great pride in breeding and hand raising some of the finest in Bengal kittens available.  I personally care for all my cats, and am honored to have the opportunity to share these wonderful animals with others who want to enjoy their beauty and affection. 

Sweet, sociable Bengals come from sweet sociable parents and a breeding program that encourages human companionship from the time kittens are born.  All my cats and kittens are cared for and loved by me personally.  I am present for every birth.   The cats live within my home on Long Island, where they have room to interact with humans and one another.  I breed from Champion stock, super affectionate adults who are part of my cat family (which combines Bengals and various rescued domestic cats). 

I sell only the finest kittens with the sweetest personalities. All available kittens are neutered or spayed before they are sold, and have full medical evaluations.  My goal is that each and every kitten finds a happy, lifelong home.

I invite you to visit with us, and learn about my cat family through this website. Here you can meet all of us and learn about kittens available for sale.  Welcome to Nahanni Bengals.

(Member of TICA, TIBBA, and TIBCS)
Nahanni Bengals Long Island New York

Cattery Tested:
HCM negative 

TICA Cattery of Excellence Award